Nuts Day!!!–maybe someone should get his name though edition

At tea party in Madison WI:

A man who identified himself as the owner of a ceramic tile
business but refused to give his name held a large red and white
sign that said “Obama is the Anti-Christ.” Several people stopped
to take their picture with him.

“He needs to go,” the man said. “This is the first and last
warning he’ll get.”

5 thoughts on “Nuts Day!!!–maybe someone should get his name though edition

  1. I’m reminded of that episode of The State where people keep getting snatched by roving bands of Secret Service Ninjas for intoning the words “I’m gonna kill the president.” *
    *For the sake of the web spiders that scan for this phrase and the DHS agent who’s then obligated to read it, I am not threatening the life of the President, nor am I jesting about doing so. I am referencing a television show that aired on MTV in the mid 1990’s. I love America and everything about it and you are a fool and a communist for thinking otherwise.

  2. My local newscast did a piece on one of the nut day demonstrations, including an interview with a guy who obviously makes less than $50,000 per year, but who loudly proclaimed that Obama is killing him with his tax increases. But, the newscaster never once mentioned that Obama is trying very hard to cut this guys taxes, and has not raised them at all. Any decent, honorable news reporter would point out the irony, to be generous, of the whole demonstration.

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