7 thoughts on “Oh For the Sake of God’s Magic Unicorn Pajamas

  1. Not to mention, the thought of doing it with Michelle Malkin is outright disgusting in and of itself.
    But seriously, I hate her therefore I want to…??????

  2. No. It’s about advocating rape. Justifying it. Don’t play this one down.

  3. Agreed — it’s promoting rape. Needs to be called out — and shouted down, even if defending Malkin et.al. is distasteful in the extreme.

  4. Yuck. That’s really disgusting. A friend of mine actually had some illustrations published in Playboy a few years ago; I hope he’ll have the sense to refuse if they ask him for a commission again. 🙁
    I can’t stand Malkin and I don’t approve of a lot of the things she advocates, but I’m not going to make any excuses —rape promotion is wrong.

  5. yah, i pretty much hate all the politics of every woman described in the article, but i hate the morals, lack of sophistication, misogyny and downright pig-headedness of the guy who wrote it even more.
    i too never heard the term “hate fuck” before, but i wonder if this guy ever had a “love fuck” in his life.

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