9 thoughts on “Fair and balanced wishful thinking

  1. They must do that shit on purpose. I think this is like the 4th or 5th time Fox has put a (D) next a Republican when they were caught in a scandal. At a certain point, I blame their viewers for being total fucking sheeple.

  2. …I suspect nobody’s gonna get fired because, as jjj suggests, this is starting to look more “feature” rather than “bug”. It happens far too often to be an accident or screwup…

  3. Can I ask, having now read the liveblogging of the presser, why he thinks anybody gives a shit how the affair began? It doesn’t matter that it started innocently. You still wound up banging her, Marky Mark! The end result is the same if it had started with dirty dirty things.
    Not that, really, I care, except insofar as this is the party of the sanctity of marriage and by this point should just give up and take a four-year nap.

  4. And how many folks would confuse ultra-conservative Sanford for a free-spending liberal?

  5. MapleStreet, those who are following politics are sure to understand that this is a typical Republican Governor. But, the average American voter doesn’t pay any attention to politics until it is time to vote. Those are the ones Fox is trying to influence. It will work too. A great many “conservative” families use super glue to keep their TV tuned to Fox News, where they can get the really, really true news. Some are my family members.

  6. Fox keeps trying to brand Democrat’s as perverts, sick and twisted, etc., even when they’re showing a republican (small r intentional). I recall the (D) being used with Foley back in his scandalous hey day. And since then, the label pops up whenever the boys need to deflect criticism. I believe that at this point we can point to Fox as intentional purveyors of agit-prop and deliver some good old fashioned biblical justice. I’d suggest we start by stoning O’Reilly in the street and then burning Hannity at the stake. That ought to send a message. /sarcasm

  7. You know he was having hot breakup sex in Argentina. The regret started when this dude was wheels down in ATL and not one second beforehand. You don’t fly to a foreign country for several days to break up with your mistress. You fly there to bang like rabbits one last time, then call it off on your way out the door. Tears my ass.

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