Makes me want to just lie down on the floor next to Puck and take a nap:

In the voting rights case decided on June 22, Chief Justice John
Roberts signaled that he thinks time has run out on the remedy that
Congress concocted in 1965 to overcome the historical pattern of
denying blacks access to the ballot box in much of the South. A central
provision of the Voting Rights Act, passed originally for five years
and repeatedly extended, requires covered jurisdictions to get approval
from Washington for any change, no matter how trivial, to its voting

As Roberts wrote in hisopinion,
“the historic accomplishments of the Voting Rights Act are undeniable. [But] things have changed in the South. Voter turnout and
registration rates now approach parity. Blatantly discriminatory
evasions of federal decrees are rare. And minority candidates hold
office at unprecedented levels.”

Right! Everything’s fine now! A hyper-conservative justice says it’s all right, so no more thought is required!

And let’s talk about Roberts’ point in itself: Once discrimination isn’t blatant, it’s okay. Once X number of minorities are elected to X number of offices, the problem goes away. Could this be more of a textbook conservative point? “I didn’t say the N-word, so what’s the problem with some watermelon jokes?” Jesus.


7 thoughts on “Broder

  1. You think Broder’s bad (which he is, of course), butHAVE YOU SEEN THIS???!!!
    Sorry I’m shouting, but this really, really takes the goddamned cake. And these bastards trot assholes like Dana Milbank out to criticize BLOGGERS? Katie Graham is undoubtedly rapidly rotating in her grave.

  2. Damn, RAM. Isn’t that kind of access available without $$ in the village? Isn’t it all about who you know? Why don’t they just put a whorehouse on the top floor of Wapo and be done with it?
    As for the Voting Rights crap- I’ll remind Broder that my state lege was brought to its knees this past session due to a Voter ID brawl. And I believe 14 other states (NOT all in the South, btw) have had similar measures proposed.
    This country RUNS on blatat discriminatory evasions, ferchrissakes.

  3. You may have heard of outrage clocks. They tick once in heaven whenever someone is deeply, sincerely, truthfully and righteously outraged at the evil that Professional Journalists™ do down here on Earth.
    At the moment, God is using “Pinwheel Kate” Graham’s outrage clock as a desk fan.

  4. In the first place, Politico’s throwing ethical stones from a very shiny glass house.

  5. RE: WaPO – isn’t it great that yellow journalism ended with the good ship Maine?! (Sorry, but I just can’t get snarky enough for that story.)
    About voting rights, I can easily agree that the racism and voter suppression is different from 1965, that does not at all mean it has gone away. In fact, it has gotten much more discrete in most cases.
    But voter suppression among racial lines still exist. We only have to look to information that some people vote on Tuesday and others vote on Thursday. We only have to look at high police visibility in racially unbalanced areas. For that matter, tbe good conservative only has to listen to the words of the beloved chairman of his RNC (Steele).
    Of course there are difficult to answer questions (is is lib – conserv warfare, black – white, or haves-vs-have nots?).
    But if anything, the Bush elections should clearly demonstrate that there are those who will rig the system !!!
    And for that matter, we’ve known about the potential for fraud from the electronic ballots for 8 years now. And what have we accomplished along those lines so far?

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