9 thoughts on “What It’s Going To Take

  1. Oh, Athenae, where have you been? The wingnuts have been fervently wishing for another terrorist attack since the ’06 election, or since Bush’s poll numbers began to tank.
    The more fringey they get, the more honest they get about what they want. And it’s not even about power, at least not for the rank-and-file — it’s about being RIGHT, damamit, and rubbing all our noses in it.
    Even if it takes a 3-mile-wide nuclear crater in the middle of America to do it.

  2. Gummo, I know, and usually it’s just kind of pathetic, how needy they are, and creepy, that it takes dead people to make them feel alive, but somehow this video, with all its Wayne’s World production values and Scheuer’s freakish beardy weirdness, just shoved me right over the edge.
    I need a nap now.

  3. maybe the bushevics were afraid of letting it happen AGAIN as they ACTUALLY MIGHT GET BLAMED THIS TIME.
    fool me once..shame on you…mah…can’t get fooled again.

  4. Of course, if Al Q doesn’t step up to the plate, a lot of wingnuts are threatening to do their own terrrorist attack.

  5. Why the fuck does anyone with an IQ high enough to warrant not having to wear protective headgear bother to watch one second of Glenn Beck? He’s the electronic version of the crazy town drunk who screams while pissing all over himself. Tune him the fuck out.

  6. As I’ve said many many many many times before, wingnuts have no place in a thriving, civilized democratic society, and they know it. That’s the reason they wish for this doomsday crap so they can live out their Mad Max/Red Dawn fantasies where they get to kill everybody they want and all the girls who made fun of them will become their bound concubines or some shit like that.

  7. a liberal majority in the Senate means that the USA will be forced to use the metric system.
    Speaking as the house Canadian, it’s about freakin’ time, you guys… The rest of the world went metric back in the freakin’ 1970s. Tryyyy it… You’ll liiike it! You can actually count measurements in tens! (God, I fuckin’ hate Imperial measurements…)

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