The Wisdom At The Bottom Of The Keg

Like this, but not so furry.

It’s amazing, the things you learn as you go through life.

It turns out that going-away parties are actually a sort of analgesic. You hurt so badly from the hangover the next day that you don’t realize how much you’re actually going to miss the person/people in whose honor said hangover-inducing party was thrown.

Also: OWWWW.

4 thoughts on “The Wisdom At The Bottom Of The Keg

  1. In my thirties, after funerals, my friends and I would always go dancing as if our lives depended on it. The outcome was very similar, especially if our grieving was such that it required colorful liquors.

  2. i only had 1 and it lasted about a week before i was back anyways. didn’t get drunk, but the hayfever pill on top of the booze did get me a little lightheaded.

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