Friday Ferretblogging

Sometimes Mr. A and I forget and leave stuff where the ferrets can get to it. Like on the table, the piano, the floor, in the closets, higher than we ever thought something the size of a football could jump, etc.

Today it was his briefcase. Nothing says “I have a serious presentation to make and you should listen to me because I speak with authority” like needing to lint-roll your laptop first.



7 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging

  1. V. funny pic.
    Also funny (I can relate) you took picture PRIOR to removing offending critter.
    Thanks for reminding me- lint brush I carry in my car needs to be replaced

  2. Virgo, I let them squirrel around in there for SEVERAL shots, this being the best one. 🙂
    Sorry, honey. Next time I’ll just move the bag.

  3. More effective would be if you walked into the board room, sat down your laptop case, and someone’s head popped up.

  4. maple, I once had a tiny baby gecko crawl out of my bag during a meeting.

  5. when she was still just a curious little weirdo instead of a big cantankerous weirdo, my Tonya-kitteh snuck into my backpack and i ended up getting all the way to the office with her…as i reached in to get my working notes for the project i was finishing up, i saw a little pair of green/gold eyes and heard her make her odd little noise that let me know that she would rather be somewhere else…”MRRREEP!” Ended up having to have a co-worker give me a ride back home so i could “let the cat out of the bag” as my immediate cubicle-neighbor was severely allergic

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