This is totally irresponsible and would seem criminal:

A New Orleans police dog left unattended in a police vehicle in late
May died from shock likely associated with heat stroke, after ripping
up the car’s seats in a desperate attempt to get out, according to a
report obtained by the Metropolitan Crime Commission.

Primo, a 6-year-old Belgian Malinois, collapsed
at a veterinarian’s clinic with a temperature of 109.8 degrees, a
necropsy report by the Louisiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory

More and photo of the patrol car

8 thoughts on “Terrible

  1. happens, on average, one dog a summer.
    and two or three little kids.
    Cars are damn dangerous places, and NOBODY should ever leave a child or an animal in a closed car.

  2. As usual, the nola.comments are precious with the one guy repeating that the car’s engine could have just shut off on its own, and everyone feels the need to respond to him. The car’s engine shut off? How? Wait, why am I even entertaining this line of questioning?

  3. First, what idiot doesn’t know that cars heat up extremely rapidly – especially in the deep south. What does this say about the professionalism of the dog handler who supposedly should know even more about dogs.
    Then I read the unit has lost 3 of 9 canines. This one to heat. One to heartworms (rather prevalent in mosquito areas. I’d like to know if the dog was on preventative or if there was a lapse in the dosing). One down an elevator shaft (potentially an over-exhuberant dog. But in the frame of 3 of 9 being dead…).

  4. Damn, scout, couldn’t you have just left it at the happy camel story?
    Sorry, but that’s just so upsetting.

  5. FLEAPA (fed act that, in part, protects police animals) someone allows for up to a ten-year prison sentence for any offender who “permanently disables or disfigures the animal,or causes serious bodily injury or the death of the animal.” HAs to be done “willfully or maliciously”- I don’t think it covers stupid thoughtless negigence

  6. Criminal! Ha!!!! The cops shoot unarmed people in the back in this country and get away scott free. Like anything will happen because of a dog.

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