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Wait A Minute, I ThoughtDana Peroxide Didn’t Believe I Evolution

Q Can I ask about Pakistan? Benazir Bhutto has said today that she won’t participate in a government with Musharraf, and that her party may consider dropping out of the elections if they’re held. The situation keeps sort of getting worse. What is — how are you guys looking at this? How do you see it? Do you see it as getting worse?

MS. PERINO: I would describe it as evolving and changing over — almost every hour, there seems to be a different development. And the call by President Musharraf to — that he would have free and fair elections was a positive one because it clarified for the Pakistani people that that would take place. But we remain concerned that the emergency order is still in place, and if confirmed by the supreme court to be President, then President Musharraf should be quick to take off his uniform, as he said he would do. We are hopeful that moderate elements can join together to have increased dialogue as they work through this political situation.

Situational Interest

Q At what point do you all have to make the calculation that the concerns about fighting terrorism in Pakistan — obviously real ones — but you have to make the calculation that those concerns — expressing such sort of mild condemnation of what’s happening there becomes — makes you all vulnerable to just being situational, having situational interest in democracy and situational interest in human rights? I mean, all of his promises come with a caveat that’s unacceptable to the White House.

MS. PERINO: And that’s why we are having to urge strongly President Musharraf to get back on the path to the constitution. And the other political parties that — in Pakistan should all be working towards that goal together. And we — it is not a tidy situation and something that we are continuing to monitor very closely, to be engaged in. And as I said, Deputy Secretary Negroponte will be traveling to the region later this week.

Revealing The True Cost Of Chimpy’s Vanity War = Politics

Q Do you have any reaction to the new report — it was in the Post — about the war cost $20,000 so far for American families, and $1.5 trillion more —

MS. PERINO: I haven’t seen the report, but it’s obvious the motivations behind it. This report was put out by Democrats on Capitol Hill. This committee is known for being partisan and political. They did not consult or cooperate with the Republicans on the committee. And so I think it is an attempt to muddy the waters on what has been some positive developments being reported out of Iraq.

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