Marry Me, Gene Krzyzynski

We will have babies with hyphenated and incredibly long names full of consonants:

If David Gregory is wondering why the
audience of “Meet the Press” has eroded to below 3 million, he might
consider putting himself in an outside-the-Beltway viewer’s shoes and
rewatching Sunday’s round-table segment.

The panel was all
white, mostly middle-aged male and uniformly dyed-in-the-wool
establishment. Pretty much par for the course. But what made this
installment especially grating was the repetitious plugola for one
middle-aged white male’s new book and for another’s newly redesigned
magazine that just so happens to be rolling out (punctuated by a
show-and-tell of a front-page newspaper profile from Manhattan).
Back-scratching is indeed a familiar sound on Sunday mornings, but does
it have to be so loud?


5 thoughts on “Marry Me, Gene Krzyzynski

  1. I seem to remember some pundits decrying the difficulty of pronouncing Sotamayor – 4 easy syllables, accent on the last syllable.

  2. “This week on Meet the Whores, we have one far-right wing commeentator, one right-wing commentator, one right-wing-but-pretends-to-be-centrist commentator, and one commentator who specializes in fellating ‘bipartisanship,’ which means Republicans get everything they want but get to denounce Obama anyway. Let’s start with our far-right wing commentator: how have the Democrats failed this week?”

  3. Can I add that I’m a 50-something white male. And I can’t establish any empathy with these Sunday AM so-called news shows.

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