All Of This Has Happened Before

This kind of thing is why I say our national punditry isn’t so much biased as it’s lazy and stupid. Because historical perspective is one of those things you’re supposed to provide in your stories, in your commentary, in your tasks informing the public. Checking the clip file in case this sort of thing has ever occurred before in the world is something you’re supposed to have pounded into you as a must-do.

Conservatives have become adept at playing the media for suckers,
getting inside the heads of editors and reporters, haunting them with
the thought that maybe they are out-of-touch cosmopolitans and that
their duty as tribunes of the people’s voices means they should treat
Obama’s creation of “death panels” as just another justiciable
political claim. If 1963 were 2009, the woman who assaulted Adlai
Stevenson would be getting time on cable news to explain herself. That,
not the paranoia itself, makes our present moment uniquely disturbing.

Once upon a time in journalism, it was embarrassing to be played by someone, anyone, with an agenda. Nowadays it’s practically a star turn.


3 thoughts on “All Of This Has Happened Before

  1. I sent this to everyone I know. My only hope is the VRWC has for once overplayed its hand. I’ll take the temperature of my old ma’s old friends when I go to visit her in a couple of weeks and let you know.
    The thing that is also causing me some agida is how many references to boomers who are screamer/shouters at these things having been (obviously!) part of the anti-war demos in the 60s. Yuh– if they had character transplants. Otherwise, I do believe these ppl are the low-information straights who spit on us…

  2. A. your hypotheses is that “our national punditry isn’t so much biased as it’s lazy and stupid.” That is a testable hypotheses. Let’s assume you are correct, and see what the result should be.
    There are nut jobs on both the extreme right and extreme left. Both groups make idiotic comments at times, and both propose idiotic laws. So, with your hypotheses we would see a random mix of news articles, TV interviews with those who comment from the fringes, panels of talking heads putting down the ideas randomly, from both sides, and news headlines occurring randomly in response to the comments. Do you see that? I don’t.
    Dennis Kucinich, one of our extreme left Congress folks, often proposes solutions to problems, (proposing a single payer amendment to the health care bill, for example). Do you see CNN convening a panel of almost as left wing Democrats to discuss how brilliant the ideas are, make up stories to support the ideas, etc? I don’t. In fact I’m hard pressed to recall even one instance where the media have reacted to our side’s extreme positions the way they react routinely to the Repub extreme positions.
    I think your hypotheses is disproven. That leaves us with a news media that willfully distorts news to satisfy their corporate keepers.

  3. well, that clinton impeachment was exhausting. and then the 2000 election. and BOY did katrina make us work. and the 08 election. coasting is soooo much better.
    plus we ARE whores.

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