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  1. Oooo, finally I’m here for the *beginning* of the weekend question thread!
    Yes and no. I haven’t since about April, largely because of major demands from work and my chorus (70 hour work weeks and working out don’t quite go together for me).
    I had been doing the Wii Fit thing, which I really liked for the yoga and strength training stuff. I also bike a lot, though the work thing really interfered with that–I was biking to work, but I had to be at class or rehearsals right after work, so I couldn’t do that (especially with a 30-mile commute).
    I’ll be trying to get back into it more once I get past our first trip to international competition in October.

  2. i have exercizes and i stretch, but don’t ‘work out’. i cook and i guess that is a diet. and avoid high fructose corn syrup.

  3. Yep. I was just in the gym throwing heavy things around last night. I walk, run occasionally, do flexibility exercises, machine aerobics, and lift weights. Very occasionally I swim, and I’d about give my left eye to start horseback riding again.
    I’ve found that arthritis has been the biggest single incentive for me to stay active — after a couple days without exercising, I feel so shitty that it’s easier just to go out for that walk or get to the gym.

  4. I do the gym thing as well, mostly to slow down the ravages of time and keep the middle age spread from, well. spreading. People in my family can sometimes blossom in a way that I am not quire prepared to embrace yet, if ever. I’m 45 but get guessed at younger routinely, which strokes my fragile egosystem. Mind you, that may also have something to do with my arrested development, which got life without parole I believe.

  5. Yep. Every day. For me, the consequences of not working out were very unpleasant, so every day, I either use the stationary bike as soon as I get up (and before I can talk myself out of it) or bicycle to work. Then I either bicycle home or use the rowing machine. Once a week, I lift weights and do some bellydancing with a pilates teacher. I’m still rounder than I’d like and arthritis stops for no one, but next summer, this little old lady intends to go to rowing camp.

  6. After years of a very sedentary IT geek lifetyle, I finally decided to add some exercise while adding an element of gambling to my life by biking to work at the university. Vegas isn’t a bike friendly town, but it’s only a five mile trek each way. I’m looking forward to shedding some pounds and getting some endurance back.

  7. good job blak.
    biggest losers helps regulate my ‘diet’. like when i eat homemade carmel on apples while watching. PORTION CONTROL. i haz it.

  8. 46 steps from street to front door and shopping at Costco
    is all the work I need

  9. 30 minutes a day, seven days a week. MWF – weights, aerobics on the rest.
    Some link love for youhere, A. And a quote as well, which I hope you’ll consider fair use and not issue a takedown notice over.

  10. Until I got very sick last December I was treadmilling (brisk walking pace) for 30 minutes a day (also at an uphill angle.) I’d like to get back to that habit…
    Also will play some tennis this fall — laid off the game for about a year dealing with tennis elbow.
    What a drag it is getting old.

  11. My thing is, especially on Sundays, I walk to the little strip mall down the street carrying 6 or 7 grocery sacks, and I pick up the recyclable cans and bottles from the parking lot and sidewalks. Then I cross the street to the fast food strip and the car wash behind it, and pick up the cans & bottles. That way I’ve filled two recycle bins every week from street trash.
    I think of this as my Sunday act of good will, and it motivates me to do it. It’s about an hour or two’s work.

  12. I was a modern dancer most of my life – quit at age 60. Since then, I do yoga and walk when I’m in the mood. I start Medicare in a little over a month…

  13. I’ve been a walker (4-mile walks outdoors) for years now and still love it. Finally joined a gym a couple of years ago, where I walk/run on a treadmill and do the weights circuit a couple of times a week, which I hate. I started yoga earlier this year – I practice three times a week – and wish I’d begun it 20 years ago! I love it and cannot get enough.
    I’m a 59-year-old woman, 5 feet tall, and I still wear size 0 clothes. And no, I don’t starve myself (in fact, I could cut back on the frozen yogurt and chocolate a bit).

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