6 thoughts on “John Bolton Says That BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH LOL STUPIDZ

  1. Wow, I actually agree with the North Korean government on something — John Bolton is scum. And I hope he goes to bed fuming every night for a week because Hillary Clinton is laughing her ass off at him.

  2. So, when will the shill machine be demanding an apology from SOS? I LOL’d, too – jeeze, bitter much Bolton? And your mustache, too!
    Doofus non pareil!

  3. Is that the actual picture of Sec of State Clinton when Bolton was mentioned?
    I saw a clip that had the camera on the reporter. I would love it if the effect was so hilarious to her that she couldn’t restrain herself at all.

  4. Hillary Clinton is starting to remind me of that guy from Office Space after he was hypnotized (in her case, by the stupidity of our political process) and didn’t give a fuck anymore. She just wants to watch Kung Fu and tell people how it is. I’m happy for her and for the country because she is doing great in her job.

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