Asshole of the Evening

Joe Wilson of South Carolina, yelling outTHAT’S A LIE during the president’s speech. Per Keith.

Imagine, if you will, what would have happened if Dennis Kucinich had done the same thing to Bush.


16 thoughts on “Asshole of the Evening

  1. I don’t want to think about that, but I wouldn’t mind if it happened to Joe Wilson.

  2. driftglass says:

    It was, however, a solid career move: those three little words on his resume will double his salary when he eventually goes to work for the Podesta Group.

  3. hoppy says:

    That perhaps the greatest presidential speech to Congress ever made had to be marred by one of the idiot Republicans shouting out a gross insult, kind of puts the exclamation point after Obama’s comments about not tolerating more Repub nonsense. Great, great speech, and I am now firmly behind Obama’s health care plan.

  4. whetstone says:

    Hopefully the Dems will hang Wilson around the GOP’s throat. Even if teh librul media doesn’t give a shit. What a fucker.
    Just to answer your question, if Kucinich had done that to Bush, Frist would have ripped out his still-beating heart and eaten it, the WSJ editorial board would have called him a hero, and Chris Matthews would have brought on Peggy Noonan to discuss whether it was right for Frist to eat it on camera.

  5. whetstone says:

    OTOH, it’s possible – possible – that Wilson caused David Broder to shit his pants. I mean, for fuck’s sake, if anything could cause David Broder to take up arms and fight… well, we know it’s not torture or the Iraq war. But interrupting a president’s speech to Congress?!?
    If that happened, the Broder pants-shitting might be a tipping point. Then Peggy Noonan falls. Then Joke Line, and then the scales fall off their eyes.
    Then… something.
    Then teh SOCIALISM!!!11!!11!

  6. marc sobel says:

    If Dennis Kucinich had done it, his wife would have been attacked.

  7. says:

    Another jerk from the South Carolina Republica Party makes you wonder what is going on in that state.

  8. LUCKNER JEAN says:

    You have to realize this crackpot congressman gets his marching orders from viagra laden, dope addict rush limpball. He will be probably receive his dittohead t-shirt by tomorrow.

  9. gyma says:

    Apparently Wilson has already been forced to apologize, but it’s one of those back handed apologies Republicans are so good at giving. After the speech I went over to Palin’s Facebook page and waded through the comments. The knuckle draggers have themselves a new hero – Joe Wilson, the only person in the entire room who told the truth tonight.
    I’m now going to search the house for the bleach bottle.

  10. escariot says:

    Palin’s facebook page?

  11. The Other Sarah says:

    y’know, some things just don’t need to be public knowledge or public access. GYMA’s find is one.

  12. MapleStreet says:

    It seems to me that Wilson was an insult to the decorum of the House. As such, should get a censure.
    But is there any doubt his actions had a common derivation as the tea-baggers disrupting town halls?

  13. edwin jeon says:

    Are Joe Wilson and Joe the plumber related? They’re kind a look alike.

  14. hoppy says:

    Edwin, they are related in that both have IQs hovering around the 60 mark, and want any kind of publicity they can get. Look for them to drop their pants on a busy street next.

  15. pansypoo says:

    wonder how many republikkklans regret attacking hillary.

  16. TONY says:


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