Friday Cat Blogging

It’s time for the current generation of my kitties to make their First Draft debut. They’re the latest in a long line of knuckleheads that Dr. A and I have had over the years.

The first picture involves considerable pathos. It’s Oscar (gray tabby) and Della Street (mouthy tuxedo cat) about to be evacuated for Hurricane Gustav:


Now that I’ve tugged at your heartstrings (like Robin on Top Chef this week) here are some more characteristic poses. Here’s young Della Street on her stool:


Finally, Oscar, the world’s largest scaredy cat, proving that he’s really a stand-up guy:

Stand Up Guy

12 thoughts on “Friday Cat Blogging

  1. Oscar’s pose says, “Would you like to take your tea in the drawing room, sir?”

  2. Oscar thanks y’all for the kudos. The funny thing about him is that this enormous 20 pound cat has an itty bitty voice.

  3. my basil is cuter, and a svelt 15lbs. unfortunately he has a loud meow. PET ME! NOW! he meows when i sneeze and he meowed at the monkey sneeze on cute overload.

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