When Mad Men Turned Into a Peckinpah Film

I’ve avoided blogging aboutMad Menbecause I don’t want to have to slap the spoiler label on everything.This clip, however, comes from episode 6, which aired on September 20th so it’s almost as spoiled as the contents of my refrigerator when I returned from Katrina exile.So, I’ll just drag it out to the virtual curb for the whole frakking world to see.

Anyway, Mad Men is such a subtle show that the presence of a riding mower and a blood splatter worthy ofSam Peckinpah either tickled my fancy or floated my boat, I’m not quite sure which:


11 thoughts on “When Mad Men Turned Into a Peckinpah Film

  1. I haven’t seen that episode yet! How could you post that!?
    Ha…just joking, of course. Well, not about not seeing the episode, but I surely could have chosen to not view the scene. How could I not, though?

  2. I was reading comments at some blog the night that aired and the east coast people were talking about the John Deere and a foot. I thought they were joking. It wasn’t until watching the episode later that night I realized what was about to happen.
    Gawd, I love that show.

  3. Yes, he was a supercilious twit who deserved it, but even worse things happen to him later in the episode that even he doesn’t deserve. You almost feel sorry for the bastard. Great episode of the greatest show of all time.

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