Hey, Max

Who’s an asshole? You’re an asshole:

Senator Max Baucus (D-Mont.) insisted on Monday that a public option
for insurance coverage was very much “alive” as he and two other
Democratic senators merged together disparate health care bills.

in what will surely be a disappointment for progressives, the Montana
Democrat hinted strongly that the provision would be watered down.

issue is alive and we are looking at it to see what makes the most
sense,” the senator declared on a conference call with reporters. “The
major overall goal here though is to get health care reform that passes
the Senate, gets 60 votes, andI just don’t know if there is 60
votes for the most pure kinds of the public option. There may be 60
votes for the less pure kinds.”

The less pure kinds, Baucus explained, were co-ops, a
public plan triggered by economic conditions and an insurance structure
that allowed states to opt in or out of a public option.

Let’s make one thing painfully clear to Maxie here. This is all made-up word-game bullshit. There is literally no law against passing a bill that will actually do good and help people. There is no reason to flap around pretending that that knuckling under is any kind of necessity but a political one, and yes, I do get how the world works, and that’s why it pisses me off. This kind of mealy-mouthed excuse-making shit is why people rank senators somewhere on the job approval list below Balloon Boy’s dad and people who liberate mink farms.

This is why it is painfully easy to convince people to fucking hate government in general and Democrats in particular. It isn’t that you aren’t all nice people with good intentions, or that you really do eat puppies while saluting Chairman Mao and singing the Marseillaise. It’s that you know the right thing to do, you tell us you know the right thing to do, we put you in office to do it, and you act like there’s an invisible wall too high to scale preventing you from getting there. You’re so transparently full of shit and I meanall the time, Max. This isn’t hard.

What can you get 60 votes for? You can get 60 votes for anything you damn well please. You have 60 Democrats including Joey the Connectictut truck-stop whore and Cyborg Robert Byrd, you can do whatever the fuck you want. Don’t come at the American public with this vaguely apologetic bullshit about what you can get people to agree to, because I don’t know how hard you’ve been working in the first place and in the second, however hard you’ve been working ain’t none of you assholes gonna have to join the Army so your kids can see a doctor, you fuckholes. I swear, all this wrangling is just so much whining and I’m so sick of them talking about it as if it’s really a thing.

If Max Baucus wanted to tomorrow, he could get 60 votes for a strong true public option by standing up and announcing he’d come around, and fuck the insurance companies, and from now on anybody what wants their shit done in his committee will do what he says. He could do that. But he doesn’t want to, so instead he makes up a little story about how it’s too hard. It’s not too hard. There’s no such thing as too hard. There is only inadequate will and the neverending human capacity to bullshit oneself, that’s all there is in the world. Don’t come to me with the one, and tell me it’s the other.



8 thoughts on “Hey, Max

  1. Tom Harkin said today that by his count 52 Dems will support a strong public option. The others should get the fuck out the way.

  2. But, but, the insurance company money is screaming so loudly it is hard to ignore it. I mean it is real money, spelled, $$$$. Surely we can’t expect our senators to ignore the agonized wailing of the money, can we? Don’t you have any compassion for $$$$$$?

  3. While I agree with your analysis that Baucus (and many of the other Ds) are being real D-bags when it comes to the public option, I want to say I support the liberation of mink farms.

  4. Is there a side of the issue which Baucus hasn’t danced on yet?
    How can you (the public) trust this guy?

  5. Tom Harkin said today that by his count 52 Dems will support a strong public option. The others should get the fuck out the way.
    Sounds like a win to me. I don’t think the other Dems are so against a public option that they’ll allow the Republicans to filibuster. Or maybe they will. If they’re tired of being in Congress.

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