My current fave rave member of Congress is Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York who is anything but a wiener, weenie or, heaven forfend, a whiner. He is a bit of a hot dog but, hey, he’s a politician so that’s to be expected. Just slap a bit of mustard and relish on him. Okey doke, I’ve exhausted the frankfurter jokes and Felix has been in the grave for a long time. Anyway, Mr. Weiner comes from what Howard Dean called the Democratic wing of the Democratic party and is one of the House Dems standing firm for the public option. Here’s Congressman Misnomer’s appearance last night on Countdown:

Here’s hoping that Speaker Pelosi and her troops hold firm. It’s putting some salutary pressure on that deboned chicken Harry Reid and on the White House. Watching Mr. Weiner last night brought me back full circle toyesterday’s postwherein I urged the President to get in touch with his inner LBJ. Maybe a body snatching is in order: Lyndon Johnson would be asking the hold-out Senators what projects they’d like in the pipeline. Most Senators can be bought off with the promise of a dam or a new highway project. For example, Mary Landrieu is all about bringing home the bacon and there are lots of projects in Orleans Parish that need full federal funding such as world class levees. Hint, hint.

I’m sure that Ben Nelson and some of the other recalcitrant blue dogs have their own pet projects. Lord knows there’s all that stimulus money out there. I only hope that the President isn’t too much of a goo-goo for his own good. He should be using the FDR/LBJ/Daley playbook right now to get the public option through. All the Senate “moderates” have to do is to agree to vote for cloture: they don’t have to vote for the final bill. But It’s time to close the deal.

It’s a pity that too many pols are like the kids in the classic Oscar Meyer commercial:

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  1. Weiner is a good guy. We always thought, and still think, he’d make a great NYC mayor if he chooses to run for it.

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