‘He’s 25 Years Old’

At the risk of being called a pathetic woman acolyte, I need to bring you this Joke making a joke of himself story because even if his ire is directed at a moron, it’s just so completely JOKE:

Nowthat’s a panel discussion! A heated debate between Time magazine’sJoe Kleinand the New Republic’sJamie Kirchickspilled
off the dais Tuesday into a hallway confrontation where Klein called
the younger pundit a “dishonest [expletive]” and a “[expletiving]

Klein told us today he’s not sure he uttered the “propagandist” bit
— heard by a few witnesses — but stands by the “dishonest
[expletive]” part.

“Absolutely. He’s a [expletive],” Klein, 62, told us. “He’s 25 years
old, and he’s one of those people who has opinions but no facts or

Far be it from me to defend somebody who spends all his timegiving out-of-context tongue-baths to Charles Krauthammer, but what the fuck does Kirchick’s age have to do with anything? As usual, without seeing his opponent’s Boy Wonder Journalism Badge and Merit Patches, Joke can’t assess the argument. I would have a lot more sympathy for Joke’s position here — because really, Kirchick kind of sucks, and clearly took Klein’s comments about Krauthammer way farther than Joke meant them — if Joke hadn’t hauled the goddamn YOU’RE NOT OLD ENOUGH FOR YOUR OPINIONS canard out of his bag of canards.

That one makes me crazy. I mean, I’m sorry these kids today get columns
when you had to work for yours way back when, but go bitch to someone
who cares. Or play in traffic. Whatever. Just fucking argue the point. God, these people make me tired. You can be right about something even if you’re not a 62-year-old. There is no age you must attain, no test you have to pass before you can make an ass of yourself in America’s leading publications. Something for which Joke should thank God every single day.


10 thoughts on “‘He’s 25 Years Old’

  1. This led to Kirchick citing McCain’s Vietnam experience and Klein retorting that McCain just “fought from the air.” Kirchick claimed Klein was denigrating McCain’s hard POW years. Klein said he honored the senator’s service, but it doesn’t relate to troop experiences today.
    It’s like having two separate headaches, which are yelling at each other.

  2. Wolcott talks about the spat
    ” Klein may have his flaws and vanities, a plethora of less than charming polemical traits, but Kirchick–Kirchick is the Eddie Haskell of neoconservatives, a calculating little suck-up whose obsequious pieties drip like melted plastic. (To wit: “Reached for comment, Kirchick said ‘McCain spent five years in a North Vietnamese torture camp. He doesn’t need lessons in the horrors of war from the likes of Joe Klein.'”) If Commentary made a lunch box, Kirchick is what you find packed inside, between a banana and a hand grenade. ”

  3. i thought this was cute:

    Lively! Moderator Ron Kampeas, a journalist with Jewish news agency JTA, told us, “We had people walking out later saying, ‘This is the best panel!’ “

    it’s all just so exciting! people are actually infused with emotion while speaking about policy! how…naughtily common!

  4. Klein just doesn’t know when to shut up, does he?
    In his Time blog a couple of days ago, he went off on Greenwald again and was rewarded with page after page of comments calling him a dick AND a pussy, a neat trick if you can pull it off.
    Nevertheless, off he goes again, shouting Get off my lawn! to anybody under 40 with the audacity to have an opinion without first checking with Joe Klein.

  5. “In his Time blog a couple of days ago, he went off on Greenwald again and was rewarded with page after page of comments calling him a dick AND a pussy…”
    Gummo, it certainly makes it easy for him to go fuck himself.
    Thank you. I’ll be here all week.

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