Nominate First Draft for Supreme Blog Overlord 2009

Every year I forget tobeg people to shower us with accolades and attention and every year when the finals roll around I’ll get an e-mail that begins, “What the fuck are we, chopped liver?” from somebody who’s pissed off we weren’t nominated for Best Blog EVAR instead of, I don’t know, Swampland or something.

This year I’m not gonna let that happen. I’m going to ask you to nominate us, so that we can lose officially instead of by default. So there.


9 thoughts on “Nominate First Draft for Supreme Blog Overlord 2009

  1. i nominated first draft in the “best liberal blog” category. according to the faq over there, it helps if they get multiple scores (agreement) on entries. so people should go and click the little plus sign next to my nomination, or re-nominate.

  2. Ok, based upon the comments I saw in the “best liberal blog” category you’re going to lose to Little Green Footballs. WTF? I know they aren’t really drinking the koolaid any longer, but seriously, LGF?

  3. There’s a comment in the thread over there that implies that they realize that not every nomination actually qualifies. I was baffled to see so many nominations for them, because I thought they were a right-wing blog. Apparently they’ve switched teams? Or they’re pretending?

  4. The Dol, they’ve been anti-birther, and once you’ve abandoned one tentacle of the wingnut hydra you step back and see the whole thing and go “ewww” apparently. Still, they’re pretty rightward.
    Thanks for the noms, all!

  5. I voted for First-Draft in…
    – Best Very Large Blog (per Technorati authority of 632)
    – Best Pet Blog (all of my ferret knowledge comes from this blog)
    And you bat leadoff on my blog bookmarks with the role of Johnny Damon played by Marcy Wheeler.

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