It’s Never Over

This is why I’m always hesitant to sum up the war that’s still going on:

BERLIN (Nov. 17) — A former SS sergeant who worked unnoticed for
decades as a train-station manager was charged with 58 counts of murder
Tuesday after a student doing undergraduate research uncovered his
alleged involvement in a massacre of Jewish forced laborers.

of Vienna student Andreas Forster was working on a project about the
slaying in a forest near the Austrian village of Deutsch Schuetzen when
he stumbled across Adolf Storms’ name in witness testimony.

then obtained files from federal archives in Berlin that enabled him to
link the former sergeant to the massacre, his professor Walter
Manoschek told The Associated Press.

Manoschek visited Storms,
90, at his home in the city of Duisburg several times last year after
finding him in the phone book. The professor conducted about 12 hours
of interviews in which Storms repeatedly said that he does not remember
the killings.

Forster and Manoschek notified authorities and
state prosecutors near Storms’ hometown in the industrial Ruhrgebiet
region of western Germany filed the charges against him Tuesday.

The last war almost anyone living can remember isn’t over yet.


5 thoughts on “It’s Never Over

  1. Coincidentally, I’m reading a newly translated journal kept by my sister-in-law’s grandfather, a German infantryman who took part in the 1941 invasion of the Soviet Union. Her brother is seeking an agent and/or publisher. I posted a couple of short excerptshere.
    I’ve been into WWII history for 40 years, and I have yet to become inured to the savagery in these first-person accounts of combat.
    This is the kind of stuff that ought to be required reading for anyone pondering getting us into a war (or expanding our involvement in a war most Americans already see as pointless).

  2. Okay, if they can still prosecute someone from back then…WHY CAN’T WE INDICT AND PROSECUTE THE EFFING BUSHCO REGIME?!??!?!?!?
    To HELL with this “Let’s move forward and not look back”…that’s bullsh*t – let’s prosecute the lying, lethal motherf*ckers WHILE we are progressing…that would be PROOF that we are moving back into a more HUMANE existence.

  3. The German film, The Nasty Girl, dealt with a similar theme. (A German to English website translates “schreckliche” as dreadful, terrible, horrible or awful, so don’t think this is a dirty picture.) Anyway, the nasty girl writes a book about her town during the Third Reich. From her research, a prominent man is found to be the town’s head Nazi. The older folks have tried to forget that era.

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