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What was your first kiss like?

Mine was so Mayberry it’sridiculous … Homecoming, my freshman year of high school, at the end of the dance as he was bringing me home. It’s like a story from 1953, and all I could think was, “THIS is what everybody gets so twitterpated about?”


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  1. It was at the end of a skate at a roller rink in the 7th grade and involved a lot of teeth bumping and drooling. The kiss was pretty much a disaster but the accompanying hugging and squeezing hinted at better things to come. I’m trying to remember what kind of music was playing at the rink. ‘The Pina Colada song’. Maybe some ‘I’m Coming Out’ by Diana Ross in the original, before Biggie sampled that shit. Good times but glad no photos exist.

  2. At the age of fifteen, lying in the grass on a summer afternoon. It was the most brilliant experience. If I had to kill someone in order to re-create it, I’m not sure I wouldn’t.
    The memory is crystalline in my mind. Indelible.

  3. depends on what you mean by “kiss.” my first romantic peck on the cheek and brief brush of lips came very early, like 7 or 8 iirc. my first passionate tongue on tongue kiss was later. 13 or 14. the first kiss i actually enjoyed? prolly not until 15. the first kiss that turned me on to women? 16.

  4. I guess interesting…I think it was his first kiss, too. He was my ‘football player’ assigned to me since I was on the dance/drill team (meaning I’d make ‘spirit’ items for him before games and decorate his locker). He was a senior, I was a junior. He asked me out, and we went on a date. I believe he first kissed me when we (it was the 80’s mind you) went to the mall, and were still in the car, the ‘battlewagon’. I liked it, it was sweet. I got his class ring to wear on a chain. It ended when I saw him flirting w/someone else and I simply went to his locker and left his ring on the hook inside. I didn’t see him again, except for the next year when he came back as a Marine recruiter, but I disregarded him.
    And how’s this for odd – he’s now one of my FB friends (as of a couple of weeks ago), and we’ve spoken on the phone most every day since xmas eve. I reminded him of the transgressions (he also danced w/a gal to a slow dance at homecoming…bad form) and he was horrified, he didn’t recall them, but he apologized profusely. He gets points for that. Interesting to see if anything develops – it would be funny for us to end up together after all this time.

  5. Eighth grade; I was at a concert band clinic in my home town. During a supper break, a friend and I went to dinner with two girls from a county school. My friend was driving, which left me in the back seat with ‘my’ girl Stacy. On our way back to the clinic, while we were stopped at a red light, Stacy turned toward me and we kissed, just like that. I’m pretty sure that we both initiated the kiss. She said, “I never kissed a boy like that before.” I said, “Neither have I.”
    I’ve kept that sense of humor, but haven’t seen Stacy in, well, twenty-three years. (One other thing: at the moment we kissed, Stryper’s “To Hell With the Devil” was playing in the car’s tape deck. If there is significance in that fact, I have yet to discover it.)

  6. oh, I was slow. after BMTS, in tech school. San Antonio, one summer night. The second one got us thrown out of the bar for PDA…

  7. I was 11, and it was with Rick, literally the boy next door. Very awkward and tentative, but not bad. By then I was sure I was gay because I had zero interest in girls “that way” and was getting crushes on classmates weekly. Kissing Rick just confirmed it. Thanks Rick, wherever you are!

  8. On a bus on a high school marching band trip—I was a freshman, she was a sophomore…lots of tongue…I was kind of shocked at first, to be honest, and then it was fun.

  9. Summer camp, in Ojai. I was 12. He had white-blonde hair and freckles. We were sitting on a rock surrounded by trees. Despite how romantic it all sounds, it was awkward and a little weird.

  10. I was 14. The girl was literally the girl next door. Her name was Donna and her father worked for the B&O railroad. It was the summer of the Beatles, Dave Clark Five, the Kinks. We were at a party and urged on by others, we kissed. Even though I had practiced against the back of my hand preparing for this moment, it was tight-lipped and awkward.
    It got better.

  11. 7th grade bus trip to Williamsburg. I thought my heart was going to explode. No tongues

  12. I was fifteen and at an overnight party with my brother and his friends. His best friend was really drunk, told me how highly he thought of me and then stuck his tongue down my throat. Very weird. I loved him like a brother–still do. A few years later we tried dating and it was still too weird.

  13. I can’t honestly remember my first kiss. I think it involved a lot of saliva, though, and I wondered how something so gross could be desireable. I DO remember my almost-first kiss. A guy I was in church group with–someone I’d basically grown up with–got his driver’s license early because his mother was a widow or some shit. Anyway, he offered to give me a ride home one evening after church group and he pulled over on a side street near my house. I wondered what the story was and he tried to be all smooth-like and slid over next to me on the seat and said “how would you like to have your first kiss?” Now, I didn’t think of this guy in THAT way, nor did I even think of THAT–or that any guy would think of ME in THAT way. So I sat there for a minute and said “nah, I don’t think so.” Har. Poor dude was totally deflated. I didn’t mean to hurt his feelings–I just wasn’t there yet. Nor do I ever think I would have been there with him. Dude hated me ever after that.

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