2 thoughts on “Newspapers Matter

  1. Newspapers DO matter, as we all well know.
    The recent race for Lt. Gov. here in Illinois is a great example. The Dem nominee had not just a closet, but an entire house full of unsavory an weird secrets, and it turns out the GOP winner lied about his resume, too. Afterwards, the Trib wasted no time reporting on what they should have reported on in the first damned place, and then basically blamed voters for not somehow digging out the truth themselves. Zorn’s post-election column is possibly the all-time classic of “We’re the World’s Greatest Newspaper! How dare anyone suggest we sucked at covering this election?” excuses strung together.
    Honest to God, it seems like the dailies are actively TRYING to go broke by not covering the goddamned NEWS. How about firing some over-paid mental midgets that infest the edit page like Dennis Byrne, Krauthammer, and Goldberg and hiring a reporter or two? Just another silly idea, I know, but still…

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