The Danziger Bridge Case Explodes

Remember the Danziger 7? They were the New Orleans cops accused of murdering people on the Danziger Bridge in the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the Federal Flood. A state court dismissed charges against them in 2008 but the Feds launched their own investigation into the episode and subsequent cover-up.

The case exploded yesterday when the police Captain who investigated the incident pled guilty to obstruction of justice and admitted that it looked like a “bad shoot” from the git go. This is the *perfect* witness for the Feds: he knows all the details and wasn’t one of the shooters.Here’s a link to the front page story in this morning’s Picayune.

6 thoughts on “The Danziger Bridge Case Explodes

  1. I think I read about it in a headline somewhere, and they were trying to make it oh, not such a big deal, move along. Somebody call for a Hell. Yes.

  2. Sorry to be pessimistic, and the guilty plea is good, but I still worry that the delay is going to fog/gum up the works, and ultimately result in, at the most, a wrist slap.
    Better than nothing, I suppose, but hardly justice.

  3. One of the big differences between the evacuation (and public perception of the same) of Lower Manhattan on 9/11 and the evacuation of New Orleans after the federal flood was the easily available bridges for people to walk to safety. In NOLA they were gunning down innocents on the available bridge. The 9/11 evacuation in NY wouldn’t look quite so orderly if there were bad cops shooting at disaster victims from the Brooklyn side.

  4. The most important thing about the plea isn’t the punishment meted out in this case but the impact on NOPD. It’s a colonic for a system that badly needs one and will help a new chief kick some ass.

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