Side by Side

At theAdrastos Virtual Cafe, I’ve been doing a feature calledPulp Fiction Thursday for a few years. I’m inordinately fond of lurid-n-trashy pulp covers dating from 1945 to 1960. Every so often I stumble on some *other* types of paperbacks whilst doing some virtual slumming. The books below came out at around the same time. I dunno about you but I’m relieved not to see a shirtless Tricky Dick:

CardinalGC608 by adrastosno, on FlickrCardinalGC608

Notice how Tricky tried to synthesize sincerity but just couldn’t pull it off. In contrast, JFK looked cool with print blotting out his bony circa World War II chest. The dude was even skinnier as a young man than Obama and that’s thin. The S word that applies to Tricky is, of course, shifty or is that shady? Well he was full of S, after all…

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  1. Ever notice that the repubs choose book covers that are stuffed-shirt portraits while the dems tend to choose covers that look like they’re having fun? And even if not having fun, a lot more realistic and imaginative?

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