3 thoughts on “You Called Me Sugar

  1. The wonder and beauty of Pink is that her remarkable voice is equally matched with her songwriting. When I saw this performed at the Grammys my jaw dropped open. I will never forget it.

  2. I didn’t really become a fan of hers until I saw the (yeah, I’m gonna say it) E! THS about her early days… I was impressed, hadn’t realized she was such an individual. I started listening to her music and loved it.
    This past September (I think it was?) I went and saw her in Houston and THAT.WAS.A.HELLA.SHOW! I was able to bring my camera in and I took maybe, 200 photos (they are on my flickr if you know me off of here)! She didn’t do ‘all’ of the aerial work she planned as she had separated her shoulder the week before – but dang if she didn’t do plenty else! Such a show! And when she came out in jeans and a tank and sang w/only a piano accompaniment…goosebumps. She isn’t some (that I could tell at all) “DIVA!” who has “some back-up dancers and band people” – that’s her frakkin’ professional family and she interacts with all of them as if they are all the most important people to her…and I’m sure they are. She is amazing and so talented…she really is a star performer.
    I’d go see her again w/o a second thought. (her guitar player is rather YUMMEH, too!)

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