All For It

Republican: Let’s have a public option!

Congressman Shadegg believes health insurance companies should have to
compete for our business as individual consumers. Forcing them to
compete, even through a public option, would be better than an
individual mandate which will not work.

Now that that ship’s sailed, now that anything resembling public health care has been characterized as a nonstop Nazi death panel disco party, now that it’s basically an individual mandate or nothing, now he’s all for what six months ago he would have characterized as the anti-christ. Now he’s all about it. Nice. Way to show up on time to shoot the wounded. Way to get there. Way to be.

For what it’s worth, I agree with him. Doesn’t mean he’s not being a disingenuous nitwit.


3 thoughts on “All For It

  1. “Nonstop Nazi Death Panel Disco Party” – sounds like a cable access channel show… LOL!

  2. I like apples, and I resent having to eat eggs. That is what discussions that try to relate the “public option” to the “individual mandate” seem like to me. It isn’t that they are apples and oranges, but apples and eggs.
    An effective public option would be health insurance with the government acting as the insurance company. But, even that form of insurance would be doomed to failure without the individual mandate. If everyone could wait until they were sick to buy health insurance, the cost of that insurance would be way out of reach for even the government. The only way to control the cost of the insurance is to have a very large risk pool, where most of the members of the pool are healthy and don’t make much use of the insurance. That is independent of who provides the insurance.
    Think of fire insurance. Suppose you could rush out and purchase fire insurance when a grease fire erupts in your kitchen, and not have to pay for such insurance any other time. No one could ever afford the insurance.
    Better yet, think of fire protection. If you could withhold your property tax payments until you smelled smoke, then pay them and have the fire department “treat” the fire, everyone would do just that. But, no fire department could exist with so little revenue. That is a risk sharing process now, one that has been the norm for many decades, over a century. It is socialistic, yes, but it works and even the Repubs are not working to repeal that process.

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