A New RNC Theme Song?

I pride myself on being a helpful person. I’m
always prepared to aid those less fortunate than myself even when
they’re a doofus named Michael Steele. Mr. Steele, the human gaffe
machine and all around buffoon, is now brushing off charges thatGOP donor money was spent at a bondage strip club.
Steele’s people deny that the Chairman himself was there stuffing
benjamins up some leather clad skank’s hoohah but there’s another way the RNC can
deflect attention from Steele’s latest bout of malakatude: a new theme
song. Here’s my suggestion, which is totally tubular, man:

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3 thoughts on “A New RNC Theme Song?

  1. I really think we ought to send flowers to those strippers. I mean, we have to deal with Republicans during the daylight, with all their clothes ON, and they’re sexually harrass-ative choads. Can you imagine them in strip clubs? Ugh. Poor girls.

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