Friday Cat Blogging: Sullivan

It’s guest kitty time again. Sullivan is Dr. A and my old friend Bonny’s cat. He was a timid and very fluffy soul until recently. The poor dear’s hair was so thick and matted that Bonny took decisive action and had his body shaved, which left him looking rather leonine. Oddly enough, he’s gone from fluffy and fearful to shaved and sassy, which is totally illogical but who expects cats to be logical. Not me. Heeere’s Sullivan:


9 thoughts on “Friday Cat Blogging: Sullivan

  1. Our Persian, Rocky, gets the same treatment. It’s the only way we can manage his Persian coat. He actually likes the end result of the shaving—he can actually groom himself. But he does not enjoy the process.

  2. jeez, my long hairs got brushed and bathed them selves fine. i dot accept hair balls/matts and i don’t care how much they protest when i have scissors.

  3. A couple of weeks ago I went to a barber who just started in to cut my hair extremely short. And I’m still cop-ping an attitude too !
    I suggest that your ferns are toast !

  4. Sullivan is very excited about his new found status! Thanks Peter! Sully reminds cat owners that scissors are dangerous because it is too easy to cut the thin skin underneath… that said, kudos to the Cat Practice for the stylish do they gave Sully!

  5. i have a HUGE se of scissors. i have never nipped my cats. luckily i can just pull them off basil. SHORT HAIRS GET HAIR BALLS???

  6. Oh, yeah, short hairs can get hairballs – I had one short hair cat who could projectile vomit her hairballs.
    The coat of my Himalayan has finally grown back in the spot where he got shaved for surgery 6 months ago, just in time for the Spring molting season.

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