The Hellmouth

Good God.

In the northern part of Guatemala City, the downpour created a giant
sinkhole that swallowed up a space larger than the area of a street
intersection. Residents told CNN that a three-story building and a
house fell into the hole.

A local newspaper reported that a
private security guard was killed when the sinkhole opened up, but
authorities had not confirmed the fatality. Residents said that a poor
sewage drainage system underground was to blame for the sinkhole. A
similar hole opened up nearby last year, they said.

Classes have been canceled this week throughout the nation.

In Honduras, where 14 people have died, President Porfirio Lobo declared a state of emergency Sunday.

Seriously, between the earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, oil spills, and the number of times I’ve watched Reign of Fire on cable this weekend, I’m starting to wonder if the Mayans aren’t on to something.


8 thoughts on “The Hellmouth

  1. and don’t forget Willie cuttin’ his pigtails off. That’s a sign, that is.

  2. And the Ibbitybobbityboojell volcano ‘ruptin’.
    Cripes, I’m finally really in love w/someone I want to spend the rest of my life with – and the ‘use by’ date for the world is zooming up fast. Frak me.

  3. jesus, I didn’t look at the picture till now. Criminy, that’s a big ass well-defined hole.

  4. Well the Mayan conspiracy has the date december 2012. If Palin wins the Presidential election in November 2012…

  5. Call Entergy, they’ll be right over w/some loose gravel.

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