Malaka Of The Week: Steve Blow

Doc suggested this bozo for this week’s booby prize and after checking it out I decided he was right. Unfortunately, I’m a bit late to the dance because I’ve been very busy but this sort of malaka always deserves a bit of virtual ass kicking.

The inelegantly named Steve Blow’s job is as a columnist for the Dallas Morning News. I did a bit of reading of his back catalog and his stuff is usually just dull, duller, dulles and not very controversial. This time, however, he hit a nerve and indulged in some egregious malakatude.

Here’s the offending, as well as offensive, passage, which I had tocut and paste from the Dallas Observer because it has vanished from the Dallas Morning News’ site:

This is sad to say, but it’s almost refreshing to read about a priest
accused ofgood,
old-fashioned heterosexual perviness.

The dreadful stuff between priests and boys has been going on for so
long that I almost forgot that some priests have more mainstream sexual

Again, I say, it’s time for a married priesthood.

Yeah, I know: this is easy pickings but REFRESHING? So, Mr. Malaka Blow thinks that heterosexual molestation or rape is less bad or better or just different. I’m not sure which it is but there are some things that even I don’t joke about. And pervy priests sexually assaulting or raping anyone is one of them. Nothing “mainstream” or funny about either. You blew it, Steve.

I’m glad to join in the blowback against this blowhard. I usually prefer not to pile on someone, because the person on the pile below you may have BO, but I’ll make an exception in Steve Blow’s case; particularly because his name is so punworthy. I had assumed that rape jokes went out of style 20 years ago but every once and awhile they resurface often in the context of prison rape. That ain’t funny either, y’all.

Not only is Steve Blow guilty of poor taste and malakatude even in the context of Dallas, which is the capital of Wingnuttia, but he isn’t helping the cause of a married priesthood at all. Of course, that’s a lost cause given all the right wing celibates who run the Vatican. They’re more interested in covering this evil shit up than in changing but an endorsement like this won’t help either.

I have a piece of advice for this week’s malaka: crawl over some broken glass and then walk on hot coals and apologize for writing those sentences. They’re totally unacceptable, even in Dallas.

6 thoughts on “Malaka Of The Week: Steve Blow

  1. I hate to break it to el malaka muy grande, but there’salways been far more “heterosexual perviness” going on out there than there has been of the other kind, but since we live in a culture that says that women and girls are sexual objects, it’s far more horrifying — and hence gets reports on more — when the rape happens to members of the sexual subject class (that is to say, men and boys). Heterosexual rape is everything from “Call me when man bites dog,” to “bitch had it coming” so only the other kind ever gets much attention. There’s a certain kind of normalisation of the sexual abuse of girls that just doesn’t happen with boys.

  2. BlakNo1, as a Lubbock resident who’s had to endure this SOB’s carping for *years*, I can tell you — it would be more than ALMOST.
    That the DMN let Larry Powell go and kept this cretin drawing a check baffles me yet.

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