Friday Catblogging: Oscar & Della Go To The Vet

Dr. A and I have been talking our cats to the same vet for over 20 years. We started going to him when he and I both had hair;talk about a long time gone. When Della Street gets stressed, she gets really pink in the ears and on her face. She was pink Wednesday, y’all. Oscar was as cool as a kitty cucumber. They both passed their yearly exam with flying colors. Dr. A took some photos of them before the exam. We resisted the temptation to snap the rectal probe:



9 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Oscar & Della Go To The Vet

  1. I’m surprised you can put them both in the same carrier. I had a brother and sister who did okay in the same carrier as kittens, but when they became adults, it was ugly, ugly, ugly.

  2. They arrived in separate carriers but Della was eager to join Oscar in the big box. They do very well together but now that she’s bigger it’s a tight squeeze for traveling.

  3. pansy had a rare nose. buff, but pink when hot . very pink for fucking hot and a more reddish pink we called vet nose. only basil has seen the vest post fix/declaw. big boy was not happy. i fear sybil’s 1st trip.

  4. To echo A, based on the middle picture I wouldn’t walk down any dark alleys.
    There’s an internet quiz titled, “Is your cat trying to kill you”

  5. Oscar is only semi-tough on the road. He’s an enormous scaredy cat. He’s afraid of loud footsteps. Della Street is the one not to turn your back on. She’s tough.

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