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  1. Post of the week at Lawyers, Guns, and money:
    The JournoList Scandal
    [ 7 ] July 29, 2010 | Robert Farley
    On March 17, 2007, I was invited to join Journolist. I reprint the full e-mail invitation below, without permission, because that’s just the way I roll:
    Over the past few weeks, I’ve been creating a list serv to unite the journalist, wonk, public academic, and more cerebral bloggers communities. It’s actually going pretty well, and I’d love for you guys to be a part of it. Joining can be done below — and I think you guys would enjoy it.
    I refused to join, out of a desire not to be bored firm, principled conviction that participating on such a list would be wrong for some reason. I also determined that, like Kieran Healy, I was far too sexually attractive to be a member of the list. Indeed, I was more than a bit insulted by the invite, but fortunately Ezra later acknowledged my “rugged good looks,” so offense forgiven.
    Nevertheless, it has come to my attention that the comments and e-mails of JournoList members are worth good money. In the spirit of commerce, I am willing to offer, unedited*, the complete archive of my e-mail contact with any and all JournoList members. Each revelation is guaranteed to be more shocking than the last.** What follows is only a taste of what’s available (names have been changed to protect the innocent):
    Contempt for the hardworking common American, and conspiracy to take his money:
    Matt D: What was the name again of the poker room where rubes were waiting for me to take their money?
    Me: Imperial Palace.
    Me: http://www.imperialpalace.com/casinos/imperial-palace/hotel-casino/property-home.shtml
    Matt D: Thx

    Technological Collaboration in the Service of (almost certainly fraudulent) TEH LIBERAL blogging:
    D. Muss: hey
    me: Yo!
    D. Muss: question:
    D. Muss: I know i’m a paid blogger and shit, but I forget how to do a screen catpure
    D. Muss: capture
    D. Muss: do you know?
    me: Ja; hit the “print screen” button.
    me: That gives you an image file, which you can then copy into any program that you like.

    Literally hundreds of conversations just as devastating as these, with literally a handful of Journolist members, can be yours! Bidding starts at $100000.
    *Archive may be heavily edited.
    **Guarantee void in all known legal jurisdictions.

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