Friday Ferretblogging: Seething Dingo Fight Edition

As Claire’s comfort in her new home grows, her patience with the boys tormenting her decreases. She’s figured out they can’t get at her in the tube, and that the entrance to the tube is a defensible position (per Ferret War Command) so she has an escape route when their teasing gets to be too much. 

She gets in a couple good swipes at Bucky’s nose now and again with her paws, and at least once a day we break up a furry three-ferret beatdown when the squeaking level rises from “pathetic complaining” to “WTFGETOFFGETOFFGETOFF,” ie, we can hear it from another room.

She’s gonna be just fine here.


5 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Seething Dingo Fight Edition

  1. Oh, it’s painful trying to laugh quietly. That is so cute – I’m crying!

  2. Just saw it for the first time. I laughed so hard that nearly wet myself; almost as good as seeing Mongo punch out a horse for the first time.

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