Pistolette Sips Tea So We Don’t Have To

My friend and fellow NOLA bloggerPistolette is one of those people who *actually* is a Libertarian. In theory, that means she should fit in at a Tea Party rally but the Gret Stet’s teabaggers are a religious lot and Pistolette is notably impious. My favorite part of heraccount of going to a Tea Party shebang in St. Tammany Parish is her description of David Vitter’s appearance:

Finally, the most embarrassing part of this entire rally, and certainly
one I think strips it of credibility (well, aside from all that other
drama), was the presence of U.S. Senator David Vitter. I don’t know how
they did it with a straight face, but a few hundred seemingly very
Christian conservatives stood and applauded for a politician that
bought a prostitute. And don’t give me that “but Clinton did it…
crap. Shagging political groupies is not illegal, but (currently)
buying people for sex IS illegal. So not only did he break the law, but
most every rule a Christian can hold dear. And yet they clapped for
him, seemingly unaware of the hypocritical irony. But that issue aside,
David Vitter doesn’t hold national Tea Party or libertarian values
either. He’s a survivor, and will utter any bullshit to get re-elected.
Unfortunately, it seems people like the folks at that rally are the
reason he’ll be our senator for another SIX YEARS.

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