Al Franken Is A Mensch

TPM posted a clip yesterday from a very powerful speech by Senator Franken about DADT that was rooted in his experience as a USO dude entertaining the troops.

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p>This is one of the few times that Al Franken has referred to his show biz days since he “serioused himself up” to run for the Senate. It illustrates a truly weird difference between the GOP and Democrats. Goopers with show biz or sports background revel in their past. Ronald Reagan was notorious for telling long, dull stories about his days at Warner Brothers and Sonny Bono would “sing” at the drop of a hat. They knew that it was an asset, which is one reason wingnuts spend so much time ragging on Hollywood. It’s called turning your opponent’s strengths into weaknesses.

In contrast, Al Franken has always been reticent about his past life as comic writer and performer. Fuck that: people like funny pols and Al Franken is a very funny man. Let it rip, Senator. We Democrats need all the laughs we can get this year and eventually we’ll run out of Christine O’Donnell, Rand Paul and Sharron Angle jokes.

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