Gret Stet Of Confusion

Okay, sports fans, you may have heard of the Bizzaro World ending of the LSU-Tennessee game. I was on the tweeter tube (#firemiles) while watching and many a barb was fired LSU Coach Les Miles’ way. I once called David Vitter the luckiest man in Louisiana but the title realy belongs to Les Miles. Miles may be the worst game coach in football history. His teams never seem to know how much time is left on the clock and have lost several games because of Miles’ stupidity.

The stupid seemed to be contagious at the end of Saturday’s game. The Vols thought they had pulled an upset BUT they had 13 men on the field for LSU’s seemingly disastrous final play. The video below calls it a miracle finish but it was really a clusterfuck. It was so horrible that Tiger fans want Les’ stupid head on a pike even though we’re 5-0. Holy dumbassery, Batman.

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  1. Miles’ uber-stupid is the Tigers’ secret weapon. Tennessee had too many people on the field because they were as dumbfounded as everyone else in the building as to what the hell LSU was doing. As an opposing coach, you know Miles is going to do something comically, spectacularly idiotic at some point in the game? how do you prepare your team for that? It’s serious problem.

  2. I’m forced to agree with you re: Miles being a lousy game coach/game manager. Ugh. Over and over again he has a knack for doing the exact wrong thing; but somehow manages to luck out a fair bit of the time.
    I was listening to this game on the radio off and on while trying to get chores done. If you time things right, you can finish before game day traffic in BR turns to gridlock. Anyway, I pulled up to the house just as Jefferson missed the snap, but took a break from unloading groceries long enough to watch the final play.
    But as lousy as Miles is, firing him might be a case where the cure is worse than the disease. Success in college football relies on recruiting, which IMHO relies on an established institutional presence (and, um, creative financial arrangements courtesy of various booster clubs.) Fire Miles, and even someone like the guy at Boise State (the Fire Miles contingent always brings him up), anyway, even the guy at Boise State — if he takes the job — is suddenly at a huge disadvantage when it comes to recruiting, which begins a downward spiral and the potential for years in the coaching carousel doghouse…a return to LSU in the 1990s.
    But…sigh: you know what? In my advancing years, I’m beginning to care less and less. If the fans derive entertainment from firing coaches and 4-6 records offset by occasional Independence Bowl appearances, well goody for them…as long as they stay off my damn lawn!

  3. with Florida, Auburn, Alabama and Arkansas left, they still might go 5-6.
    i’m still trying to figure out why Dooley didn’t all timeout – sure, it would have given LSU a respite, but did they think the refs were going to miss 13 guys on the field? otoh, if the center doesn’t snap it…

  4. What Jeffrey said.
    Actually, paper, the have so much talent and such a great defense that I think they’ll win 8 or 9 games anyway.

  5. If you fire Miles, you’ve gotta write him a check for about $15 million, and then you’ve got to commit another $15 for a 3- or 4-year deal for the next guy.
    Sorry gang, but “The Hat” is gonna be there for a while longer. That’s a lotta cheese to cough up when the university budget’s getting slashed, and not even the yay-hoos on the LSU Board are that tone deaf.

  6. I’m not much of a football fan, but greatly enjoyed they cluster of stupidity.
    I understand that LSU has a record of not knowing how to deal with the final few minutes of the game (I could make a snarky comment about getting the LSU coach a wristwatch as he apparently needs one or make a serious comment about this seems like something they should practice for, REPEATEDLY).
    But I can’t understand the Vols defense making a last second switch of players. Seems like they should have understood that they were responsible for being in place at whatever time LSU snapped the ball.

  7. ^^ What MapleStreet wrote in that last ‘graph.
    That’s wild. The last second field goal to beat the University of Spoiled Children pales in comparison.

  8. Aw, Geaux Tigers anyway.
    Look on the bright side, y’all.
    You’re not Texas Tech fans.
    52-38, Iowa State.
    Burn the damn all-white unis and the helmets already!!!!!!

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