Hot Potatoes

Some people take their jobs too seriously. Take the head of the Washington State Potato Commission. Sounds crucial to me, y’all.Anyway, this guy Chris Voight ate nothing but spuds for two months as a promotional gimmick of some sorts. He actually lost 20 pounds and ended up sounding like Barry Fitzgerald and was so starchy that his shirts ironed themselves. <rim shot>

Despite his disclaimers to the contrary, I suspect Mr. Potato Head was so sick of spuds that he burst into the Kinks song below when the diet ended:

As you may have gathered, the narrator of the song was an unemployed layabout whose wife tormented him by feeding him nothing but spuds. Unlike the guy in Washington state, the dude in the song cracked under the potatoey pressure. I’m unsure, however, if he became a masher as a result. <baboom>

6 thoughts on “Hot Potatoes

  1. liprap says:

    Actually, now’s the perfect time for shredding spuds and boiling them in oil. Latke time!

  2. CVS says:

    Well, I guess the morale of the story is that he lost 20 lbs, as opposed to Morgan Spurlock, who gained over 20+ lbs in just one month eating only at McDonald’s.

  3. Athenae says:

    I asked Grandma once why she and all her sisters lived into their 90s and were relatively healthy the whole time.
    She said, “We ate potatoes. Every day, we ate a potato.”
    Next to eggs, they are the best Poor Food ever. Relatively cheap, filling, don’t need too much condiment. NOM NOM NOM.

  4. Ray Ward says:

    What was that quotation from “The Flamingo Kid”? “How many potatoes will you eat before you die”?

  5. Adrastos says:

    Rice is also a great poor food, A. That’s the Gret Stet version of spuds.

  6. pansypoo says:

    didn’t you watch the daily show? and jon stewarts plea, just say NO to puns.

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