Weekend Question Thread: Ask, Tell Edition

In honor ofDADT being repealed (!!!!): What do you identify as? Gay? Straight? Bi? None? All?

I’m the straightest girl in all of Straighbury, except for that crush on Starbuck. And the one on Helen Mirren, but really, is there a sentient being in the universe that doesn’t have a crush on Helen Mirren at this point?


27 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread: Ask, Tell Edition

  1. Straight, but not narrow. Was very lucky in middle and high school to have Tony Kushner as a teacher, major influence, and friend. THAT Tony Kushner.

  2. but bi? pick a side
    What bullshit. I’ve met/slept with men who sexually were in to women but liked a little cock now and then, why should they have to choose just to placate the likes of you?
    Totally queer, have zero interest in women sexually. I tried it once in high school and I had to think of Steve Garvey the whole time just to stay hard. Men are incredible sexual objects, can’t get enough of them.

  3. Yeah, Pansypoo, why does someone being Bisexual have to pick to make YOU happy?
    If it weren’t for the fact I used to have ‘toy parties’, I’d be boringly straight. Loves me my boyfriend, I love the way tab A fits into slot B and all the variants therein.
    I am exceptionally LGBT friendly/tolerant and think DADT’s repeal is fantastic, though way overdue. πŸ™‚ Now, let’s get some LGBT marriage rights established ONCE and FOR ALL! I would LOVE to have to get my friend’s registry to buy him and his dream man a wedding gift!

  4. Bi tending to straight. I likes me some guy, but every now and again I see a woman who unhinges my knees. Actually, my sexual orientation clusters around one particular point — I like femmey guys and butchy girls. πŸ™‚ My current long-term BF has a mile of hair, a willowy figure, and a pointy chin.
    And no, I don’t wanna “pick a side.” If this is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

  5. Straight, although at my advancing age, my options curtain keeps getting pulled back a bit more each day. I wonder if there will ever be light? Oh well. Hey, A, how are the Badgers doing in hockey? No posts about the regular season.

  6. Straight male, but unmotivated, so it comes off more like asexual, I suppose. Universally omnivorous when it comes to crushes.

  7. Gay as a goose. I was also Gay when drafted in 1971 and told the Army had no problem with my being Gay, but that if I did anything Gay I’d do hard time at Leavenworth. That kept me asexual for about six weeks. In those days, it didn’t matter. It didn’t start mattering until the christianists starting taking over the military.

  8. Geese are gay now? WILL THE GAY AGENDA TAKE OVER EVERYTHING? At least leave us the … you know what, second though, take the geese. But you lay so much as a hand on a woodchuck, we’re gonna have words.
    Cold, they’ve got a winning record overall but are middling in their conference. It’s a rebuilding year, the goaltending’s not that great (compared to the glory days of Melanson and Elliott) and they STILL don’t shoot reliably. Fun to watch, though. They’re much more physical than they were a few years ago. And Patrick Johnson looks INSANELY like his dad on the ice, it’s crazy.

  9. Lesbian. Spent all of 21 yrs in the military with a clearance and never considered that anyone actually cared. Lots of gay military friends (and there ARE lots) especially stateside, worried about being turned in. (DADT was implemented 5 yrs before I retired).

  10. Sexual. I like what I like, period. Somebody asks me if I’m hetero, homo, or bi, the answer is none of your friggin’ business. We’re all sexual beings, that should be sufficient.

  11. I’m the straightest girl in all of Straighbury, except for that crush on Starbuck. And the one on Helen Mirren
    What? Does this mean you’re over Claudia Black?!?

  12. Straight male, IIRC.
    And, Athenae, I’m with Cold–more on the Badgers, please. My Bengals end their season with a two-game series at the Kohl Center in early March, and it’d be nice to know what to expect from your guys. Get your tickets early, BTW–it may be your only chance to see Jaden Schwartz in live WCHA action.

  13. Straight, to the great consternation of the friends of my first journalism teacher and a certain county supervisor.
    Never worried if someone was gay, straight, bi, tri, quad, whatever… Mutual respect was always the thing for me. The old “do what you dig” feel…
    Best moment of this kind: I was 19/20 drinking at the apartment of my J-instructor, who was decidedly gay, as were the other 5 guys drinking with us. When I got up to hit the head and stumbled quite a bit, I heard someone behind me say, “Dibs!”
    When I got back, the instructor had explained that no one was getting “dibs” as it wasn’t my bag. Still, one of the guys asked me, “So you’re straight, right?” Uh huh… “So I gotta know… What’s a woman like?” Then, the only really really really femmy guy in the group cut in with, “Honey! I’ve been there before! It’s like a wet, loose handshake!”
    I never viewed my own sexuality the same way ever again. Or a vagina for that matter…

  14. was exclusively hetero when younger but have moved into bi as I have gotten older. there are so many choices and so much freedom in not limiting one’s self to one gender. pleasure is to be had where all consent.

  15. ok ok, but i don’t get bisexual. seems kinda greedy
    Jeebus, have you ever heard of the phrase “You should stop while you’re behind”? What the hell does greed have to to do with what floats ones boat?
    I get why bi people are so afraid to come out that way, they can’t win. If they’re a man who mainly likes women but isn’t adverse to get a blowjob from a dude now and then, they’re told they’re secretly gay and they need to just own up to it. If they mainly like guys but don’t mind muff diving every so often, they’re really straight and they need to get over their fear of women.

  16. Happily married.
    Not, thenceforeward, deaf, dumb, blind, or stupid.
    That said … a good cuddle is where you find it. πŸ™‚

  17. And in re Dame Helen Mirren:
    that lengthy series of Brit detective TV … not so much. But RED?
    and all the gods.
    That woman r.o.c.k.s. the h.o.u.s.e.

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