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  1. i don’t like him(asshole vibes), but hot damn that game was sweet. loved the end where all the falcon flags left + only cheeseheads left. sadly i missed the 3rd quarter fireworks. i flipped during halftime to watch the end of it’s a mad mad mad world on PBS.

  2. As long as you leave me Clay Matthews. DROOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL
    Pansy, Aaron Rodgers is not an asshole. You’re just going to have to trust me on this one. He may be dating a Gossip Girl, but he’s not a jerk.

  3. Do you have any idea how many NFL teams passed on Rodgers back in the draft? The 49ers started by picking a loser of a quarterback, then all of the other teams seemed to assume that any quarterback not good enough for the 49ers couldn’t be good enough for them. And, the 49ers had the opportunity to watch him in college for several games, enough to evaluate him thoroughly. All I guess is that Alex just seemed like a more probable quarterback name than Aaron.

  4. Even though I’m originally from Atlanta and don’t keep up with football much,
    Somehow I thought scoring was more important than a single sack. Especially, as the article points out, when you’re down by 2 TDs.
    Also loved the story that your linked story linked to (even though it seems perhaps to be several weeks old) – an NHL player injures his eye while trying to dance like Shaq. You can’t make these up.

  5. Hoppy the team picked Smith against the team of Bill Walsh and others that were asked would best suited for the team. The coached at the time was worried about wearing a suit on the side lines. Go figure how that has worked out.

  6. “Rodgers finished 31/36 for 366 yards and three touchdowns.” Holyshit is that an impressive line.

  7. Good on ya, A.
    I feel the same way about Tony Romo and Drew Brees.
    Far as the Niners go … they picked Michael Crabtree. What can I tellya?

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