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So, once a year we ask that you support what we do here.Your contributions and the few ads we get are the site’s sole means of support; we aren’t part of any overall media organization and we don’t have sweet TV gigs to back us up in our efforts to bring you nothing but the finest in political commentary, crack vans, reasons to hope for humanity, and occasionally the kind of reporting that blows the doors off the joint.

Like this:

Scout interviewed the police chief (she didn’t say which one and it was hard to hear but I think she meant capitol police) who said they don’t want to make arrests. The Capitol has been shut down for an hour now, and nobody wants to turn this into a bad scene.

Basically the atmosphere is tense, but not because the cops are throwing down. Mostly just because nobody knows what’s going to happen.

There were 10K viewers on the live stream before it cut out about 20 minutes ago.

More as I get it from her.

Your contributions help pay for us to be able to do things like cover the hell out of any story that presents itself to us. The Wisconsin protests, the midterm elections, Rising Tide. They help us pay our bills and keep the lights on. They help us run things like last winter’s coat drive, the pelican sponsorships, the journalism student drive. We do things like that because in the last seven years (Jeebus, seven years!) this site has become the kind of place you go to find out not just what outrages are happening in the world, but how to address them. You drive that, you create it every day with your participation, and it means the world to us. As does your support.

If you can, hit the tip jar this week for First Draft. Last year when we hit our goal, we gave youClaire in a snowboarding hat. I have something even more epic planned this year. And thank you in advance, for making this the kind of place it is.


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