Washington Post Thinking This Internet Thing is Here to Stay

Telling reporters to link to sources.The blogosphere called, it says welcome to 1998.


5 thoughts on “Washington Post Thinking This Internet Thing is Here to Stay

  1. MapleStreet says:

    Hi A, I’ve mentioned before that the local NPR station has a discussion program where journalism profs from Mizz U (Columbia, MO) discuss not so much the news but rather how the news is covered. About a week ago, they were discussing a book where the author explained why he didn’t credit / cite his sources in many places (even though the book had many salacious items on politicians and their families both current past).
    One of the profs said that he could remember instances where papers would forego printing a story if they couldn’t provide citation or independent verification. The others went amused exclamations on how this seems like such a novel idea.
    BTW – If you haven’t heard it, last weekends “Prairie Home Companion” had, at the end of the first hour, a nice monologue on class warfare.

  2. Speaking of the WaPo, and their links to blogs, this is mildly entertaining.

  3. daryljfontaine says:

    We’ve done all our market research, and our findings show
    That this game of “Chess” could be around a month or so


  4. The Pale Scot says:

    Ok, let’s see if Jennifer Rubin links to her “sources” at the Weekly Standard, American Commentary and Human Events

  5. chickens roosting on my head says:

    Whhhhhhaaaaa? When I was in college, I had to cite any web pages I used in any papers that I wrote, as well as journal articles. No, not for journalism, for linguistics.

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