Weekend Question Thread

What’s currently frustrating the hell out of you?

I’ve got a bunch of pro bono projects coming to fruition at once, and while nobody forced me to take on any of this, I’m wishing I’d been smart enough to realize scheduling deadlines on top of deadlines is not the way to make myself a happy girl.


11 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. the stupids of politics. the teaknownothings, the loony left, the fucking unending partisanship on the fux/limbaugh party. and can we PLEASE JUST KILL HE BUSH TAX CUTS NOW! this is holding the economy back and RAISE THE FUCKING INTEREST RATE!

  2. I frustrated by my inability to pull out of my depressive state. I get more and more isolated when I’m depressed and less and less confident on my abilities. This leads to a self reinforcing negative feedback loop.
    A big part of this has to do with the way the power elite are running the economy. The way that they pretend the economy is WS and the Dow bs real people with jobs is really frustrating. Too bad they media don’t call back all the laid off journalists to talk a out the impact of unemployment.
    I don’t want to talk more about this because I have no answers and it feels egotistical to go on about my problems when I haven’t really tried to solve them.
    I like to think I was clever enough to escape am economy that has gone off the rails, but I’m not.

  3. My Venn diagram overlaps with Spocko, pansypoo, and adrastos. Big time with spocko on the depression thing.
    Just being a night shift junkie has me frustrated to a large extent. I catch small bits of the best parts of the day coming and going when I am working. When I am not working I hope what little biorhythm I have left gets me into the swing of a few daylight hours before I have to return to barking at the moon.
    It’s hard to fight the idea that days passing my by = life passing my by.

  4. I’m with the rest of you. This economy sucks and it’s incredibly depressing. The wealthy seem to be making out like bandits but regular people are broke, busted and disgusted. This economy has affected all of my friends and neighbors to the extent that it’s a major topic of conversation. My neighbors and I rescued a dog that had been hit by a car. His injuries were survivable but were going to cost $3,000 to $4,000 for surgery. None of us could get anywhere near that kind of money and we live in an affluent neighborhood (at least we do for now). We had to have the dog euthanized.
    My frustration is that I’ve been unemployed for seven months and can’t even get a response to a resume. I have 30 years of accounting experience, 15 of those as a CFO. Unfortunately I’m also 63 years old which is the kiss of death.
    Yes, I know I’ve written about this before but it kind of weighs heavily on my brain so nothing else bubbles to the surface much. It’s so bad I sometimes wonder about the mental cost of this recession, much like the great depression of the 1930’s. The posters above seem to confirm this.

  5. Waiting on the g’damned job interview I went on to frikkin’ get back to me. It went great, we discussed all of the perq’s/salary and responsibilities, I have the skills – but they are currently slammed…
    Either tell me I have it or that I don’t – QUIT leaving me hanging.

  6. Fully agree on being frustrated with the political and economic “debate” that does nothing for folks like you, OkieBlue. Being in the thick of a major red region of a red state makes it worse: most folks around here think the problem is “those people” taking “our money,” if you know what I mean…
    But, on a work front — fortunately I’ve still got a job, knock on wood — recently we’ve had a number of issues/outages (I’m a network/systems analyst for the State) that were caused by other groups…but each and every time, the suits came to us and demanded with do something or at least prove we couldn’t. Which can get frustrating, trying to prove a negative.
    Again, at least I’ve got a job to complain about, so I can’t complain too much.

  7. The 20-year anniversary of the worldwide breakout of Seattle rock. Dammit all to hell, I’m 20 years older, too. Shit. What the FUCK have I been doing???

  8. But don’t you just love the sound a deadline makes as it goes whooshing by?

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