The Fuck You Doctrine Continues

Jude sentthis over:

The Wisconsin state Senate has passed a Republican-backed bill that would allow people suing the state or a state employee to pick where the case would be heard.

Current law requires all cases against the state, as well as their appeals, to be heard in Dane County unless specifically authorized by law to be somewhere else.

Republicans have long argued that judges in Dane County are too liberal.

Not sure how the judiciary in other parts of the state should take the notion that they are automatically Republican Party hacks. This reminds me of nothing so much as out-of-town pols telling those of us in the Midwest that we live in “the Heartland,” by which they mean we are simpleminded hicks who can be bought off with some Christianity and pie.

I don’t care where you went to college, you don’t get to punch your grown-up card without learning what condescension sounds like, and these people swaggering into my courtroom because they’d heard I was a soft touch for their particular brand of nastiness would, even if I agreed with them, get my back up. You want somebody’s favor, you earn it, mofo. Acting any other way is asking for trouble.


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