18 thoughts on “Jeez, Timmeh

  1. Isn’t that idolatry?
    I mean, I suppose some Tebow fan will point out that they aren’t literally worshipping Tim Tebow as the son of God, they’re just making a favorable comparison. But c’mon…

  2. Possibilities include:
    Warner for Christ 2.0
    White Vick (only with a worse arm, slower legs and less of a soul)
    J. Russell 2.0
    Trade Bait
    (Just a giant bull’s eye)
    The Question (as opposed to Iverson’s The Answer)
    Tampon (He’s only good for one period and there’s no second string)
    103-trimester Fetus
    We Hate Me
    I’m sure once I post this, I’ll think of more…

  3. Having been there, I’m sure his intent was to witness to others. If he thinks about it, he could make an argument that one often wears a jersey with the name of their sports hero. However, unless he is hispanic and the J is pronounced as an “H”, …
    And exactly who is number 15? If there is a number 15 on his team, then the combination is especially questionable.

  4. @Adrastos – In that case AAARRGH! I hope at least Tebow knows that his name isn’t Jesus. Really tacky over the line because of all the interpretations that can be made (and in practicality, masking any intention of witnessing).
    OTOH – you can see how much I follow golf.
    And as Jay Leno said – now that the NBA is apparently not an issue this year, what about letting the OWS use the colliseums?

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