6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Video: Oceana Grill- Kitchen Nightmares

  1. Oh, indeed, the chef got canned, but, one of the owners stayed pissed because he wasn’t able to just fuck everything up again.
    A restaurant of that size–especially on Bourbon St.–can’t be cheap to own and operate, and to be successful involves a lot of hard work, of which one of the owners appears to be allergic.

  2. Nell, the waitress that told Chef Ramsey that she had been fired and rehired 4 times has, since this show was aired, been fired and rehired!! The restaurant chef can only cook or REHEAT what the owners decide to buy, and buy preprepared foods from food service companies they do. The chef is not at fault, the system set by the owners is at fault. The old menu was put back a few days later.

  3. For a long time, I’ve wavered with the belief that this show was simply a long string of publicity stunts masquerading as reality television. I was disgusted by the Oceana episode, and I wondered just how over the top a place could be. From what I’ve heard on the street, the crazy was all for the cameras, and now the restaurant is busier than it has ever been.

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