Weekend Question Thread

Where are you most wanting to travel right now?

I was at a work party last night talking to someone who’d just gotten back from Italy. I’ve never been to Italy and now I’m pricing airline tickets and figuring out which kidney to sell.


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  1. Probably New Zealand; it’s their summer right now too. Been on my bucket list for some time .. hopefully have a chance to visit when the sproglings are older as a very dear and close friends moved there from the UK.
    However I will say that you would *love* Italy; I’ve been to many parts and all have their own charm – I’ve yet to have been to Florence, which I am told is the most beautiful of them all … first time visit? Depending on what you want Venice is definitely up there (if you want to reduce cost, stay in Murano and take the 15-20min train; we did and it worked out great!). Also stayed in Sorento (old Italy, relaxed, some off the beaten track history) and Rome (grand, majestic).
    I would also recommend you try Greece as well – it feels even more historic and usually is cheaper to travel/stay. Kefalonia was my fave Island (they try to imit the # of travellers to try to preserve things). Compared to Italy it’s definitely more low key.

  2. I’m not much of a traveler either but if someone dumped a bunch of money on me and told me to pick someplace I’d never been, I’d probably go for the Mediterranean region somewhere.
    More realistically, I have been jonesing to go back to NY for an extended visit. I miss it a lot during the winters.

  3. foix, france. my 1903 encyclopedia britannica said it was awful, but it’s description made it sound delightful. they also said fon du lac was awesome.

  4. A Swedish dude once told me that the top 3 places to visit in Europe were Italy, Italy, and Italy.

  5. Funny, we were having this conversation last night at dinner, discussing potential spring break destinations. Death Valley, Hawaii and Costa Rica all came up.
    I’d love to go to Italy, though. Was watching Borgia, Fear and Faith, the European series on the Borgia (not to be confused with the Showtime series) and Italy looked just gorgeous – although I know that they filmed a bunch of it in Croatia.

  6. Spain. I want to eat their food, drink their wine and ride their trains. Heading to Wyoming in a week.

  7. Right now? It is winter… Just got back from NYC. Hmmm.
    First thought is Hawaii. Never been.

  8. Since I’ve pretty much been everywhere I want to go in Europe, I’d love to go to Australia and New Zealand.

  9. New Zealand is a place I want to see, Australia not so much as I still hold them responsible for the concept of “white Australia” much like I still hold Bull Connor against the deep south. That said we are thinking of moving to south central B.C. This country is really starting to scare me.

  10. For me it is not a place but a people. I would love to be with a bunch of you folks at a convention. I miss being around people like lefty bloggers at our events like Eschcon.

  11. I love travelling and would do much more if I could. One of my bucket list goals is to have feet on the ground in all 50 states. East of the Mississippi I have all but 2 states covered, but have missed a number of western states as well as Alaska and Hawaii. Now if I could just lose this need to hold a job…

  12. For those of you thinking New Zealand, I was there over our summer/their winter. Mindbogglingly, astonishingly, amazingly beautiful. It pretty much doesn’t matter where you go, unless it’s the industrial districts of some cities, the whole place is breathtaking. And the New Zealanders, as a rule, are a quiet, unassuming, practical, and pleasant bunch. Also astonishingly so. Recently, they knitpenguin sweaters for the recovering oiled penguins. What more can anyone say?
    As for where I’d dearly like to go next with a few spare thousand dollars: Iceland. During summer.

  13. New Zealand and Australia. Never been and would really like to go.
    I’d also like to return to Hawaii, Prince Edward Island in the summer, and/or Barcelona or anyplace along Spain’s southern coast.

  14. We’re thinking of Chile, Torres del Paine, currently on fire, and the Atacama, soon to be trendy, so we want to see it soon. A lot depends on how soon they get the fires under control. The hotel we were hoping to stay at is suggesting guests make alternate plans.
    New Zealand is as beautiful as the pictures. The South Island, where they shot The Lord of the Rings, really looks like that. We gather that the North Island is pretty impressive too. It’s interesting to visit both Australia and New Zealand back to back. Australians are the closest you get to Americans outside the US. They make New Zealanders look like Europeans.
    If you are thinking of Italy, go for Venice in the off season. You can often find off season rates, and the place is, if anything, more atmospheric. Just be prepared for a bit of flooding. Venice is where Disney got the idea for Disneyland. It’s been a tourist destination for centuries now. The only downside of Italy is that it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep at most hotels, but it’s easy to get great food.
    We’re also considering the Antarctica, but you can’t just rent a car at the airport and find a motel, so it’s going to cost a lot. A friend of mine spent a year there back in the early 80s, but part of the deal was he maintained a research radar system. We’re too old for that, so we’ll have to pay our way.

  15. Bike tour on Hawaii or New Zealand — or both. I still harbor a long-lived wish to ride a trans-Siberian train. Several years ago, we hatched a plan to save up to make that happen for my 40th birthday (in 2013). We’re… behind schedule on that time table, but I still want to go.

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