Ooh, a Cockfight!

I haven’t forgiven LGF for the 2004 election, but watching them beat the crap out of James O’Keefe is a good time had by all.

What an utterly stupid stunt. All this does is hurt the poll workers, and in the case of my own precinct we’re talking about retired people who are approximately 900 years old and are there basically just to help. We’ve pretty much gotten to the point where everybody involved in any way in democracy is a liberal, and unless you believe in the outright rule by the Wise Old Rich White Men of Washington without any input from those pesky voters you’re some kind of screaming commie.


5 thoughts on “Ooh, a Cockfight!

  1. ” to the point where everybody involved in any way in democracy is a liberal,”
    Corallaries would include that democracy is a liberal enterprise and that conservatives are there to conserve the status quo irrespective of democracy?

  2. Hey, chill, y’all, before jumping to conclusions.
    This is, after all, a JAMES O’KEEFE video, and if it’s in line with his standard M.O., it’s been heavily edited to present a totally distorted picture of what happened. (Let’s not be like the MSM and NPR, and who act like chickens with their heads cut off when O’Keefe videos first come out…and then issue a tiny little report later, noting that the video was all bullshit…)
    ‘Sides, Jimmy boy’s video might just be evidence that he and his pals committed the crime of voter fraud…so just maybe he will get that prison cell he so richly deserves…

  3. Well, as he’s still on probation for Landrieu break in, he should be going to jail in Louisiana by having that revoked.

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