One thought on “Sunday Morning Video: Centerfield

  1. Kati, i totally agree. 2 years ago my gelifrirnd and volunteered for Make It Right and spent a week down there helping it was absolutely devastating the amount of damage, the dolls and trophys we found on porches as that’s all that was left, you could see where people had broken thru their roofs to save themselves..and the only thing going on there was Make it Right .they were also building an amazing recreation center but for all you who haven’t visited NE you should do so. we volunteered and i think they only worked us from about 9-2 and we got the rest of the day to play, and i fell in LOVE with the city ..great experience!!!!! the St Charles gives discounts to volunteers and it was very cheep to stay very minimal but cheap!! you can spend your $$ on fun!!

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