At Least the Hookers Weren’t In the Press Room This Time


Put together, the allegations were an embarrassment for an American president on foreign soil and threatened to upend White House efforts to keep his trip focused squarely on boosting economic ties with fast-growing Latin America. Obama was holding two days of meetings at the Summit of the Americas with leaders from across the vast region before heading back to Washington Sunday night.

The Secret Service did not disclose the nature of the misconduct. The Associated Press confirmed on Friday that it involved prostitutes.

The White House said Obama had been briefed about the incidents but would not comment on his reaction.

“The president does have full confidence in the United States Secret Service,” presidential spokesman Jay Carney said when asked.

Oh for fuck’s sake, what was he supposed to say? “Look, a lot of people work for me, so by the law of large numbers some of them are going to be complete morons. How the fuck do you get caught hiring a hooker in fucking Colombia? How stupid do you have to be? I mean, on the one hand, let’s be grateful it was adult women with professional backgrounds in this sort of thing and not, say, little boys or furries or people on trapezes or some congressman’s barely-legal daughter in the Lincoln bedroom, but come on, how dumb? I didn’t fire them because they fucked around with hookers. I fired them because I don’t want nobody working for me is too stone-cold ignorant to know you don’t take the hooker to a hotel where you have to leave ID!”


6 thoughts on “At Least the Hookers Weren’t In the Press Room This Time

  1. Should be yelled in all caps – where you ask what you expect for the prez to say about this (for that matter, the entire last paragraph deserves to be in caps)? I’d ask in sarcasm / satire if they expect the prez to have to release his last 20 years of credit card bills. Only if the right wing read that, they would start asking for that along with the long-form birth certificate.
    “the allegations were an embarrassment for an American president on foreign soil “. Unlike all the gaffes Bush pulled from not even being able to pronounce the names of foreign countries and dignitaries, to the Merckel back rub, to war for oil, to…
    And lets not forget how the right turned on the wife of then Gov Mark Sanford of SC after Mark was caught hiking the Appalachian Trail while humming “Don’t cry for me Argentina.”

  2. Meanwhile, the report out of the conference that the rest of the hemisphere won’t meet again until Cuba is involved goes unreported. Coincidence? I think not!

  3. goalkeeper, Unfortunately I suspect you aren’t kidding about that.
    Maybe back in the cold war / missle crisis years, there ***MAY*** have been ***SOME** rationale for treating Cuba as an outlaw nation (as opposed to inventing the situation to serve some clandestine USA Govt aims). But our systematically (intentionally) failing to recognize govts because we don’t like their rulers (Castro, Guevara, Chevez, etc.) and the “obvious fact” that once a country has taken on socialist or communistic tendencies it is permanently infected with cooties making it automatically an imperialist and corrupt country (unlike the USA) set out to destabilize the world – this is gonna keep turning around and biting us on our backsides. Especially since we are now friends with Russia and China.

  4. Good point pansy.
    I prefer to look at it as the typical liberal has to take time to investigate (booorrrriiinnng). The typical wingnut is on emotional autopilot – not needing to investigate means they can fly off the handle with a fabricated rationale on the spot.
    And as Americans, we like a man of action !!!

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